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Bio-Electric Therapy

“The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine”- Albert Einstein

Our Bio-electric therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that uses micro-currents, which has the same potential as our body cells, which help to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. The mechanism of action for this therapy involves influencing cellular processes like ATP production and protein synthesis. ​


Our protocols have been developed and used successfully since the 1990's to target specific tissues and conditions in the body. Published studies have shown they increase ATP production in the body, which is theorized to lead to more energy for the body to restore its functions. The protocols to be used for each patient are only used after consultation with our practitioner and used conjunction with our Acupuncture treatments to maximize the results for a wide range of conditions. 


Below are some of the conditions were our Bio-electric therapy may be effective:

  • Sports injuries: May be used to speed up the healing process of sports injuries, such as sprains, strains, and muscle tears.

  • Nerve damage: May help to stimulate the nerves, which can be effective in treating symptoms of peripheral neuropathy and sciatica.

  • Post-surgical pain: May be effective to reduce pain and promote healing after surgery.

  • Scar tissue: Could be beneficial in breaking up scar tissue and may promote the healing of damaged tissue.

  • Headaches and migraines: Could be used to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines.

  • Digestive disorders: May be helpful in managing symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndromes (IBS), such as abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation.

  • Emotional disorders: May help regulate brain activity and promote relaxation, which could be effective in treating depression and anxiety.

  • Respiratory disorders: Could be used to treat conditions such as asthma and allergies.

  • Hormonal imbalances: Could be used to treat hormonal imbalances such as menopause and thyroid disorders.

It is important to note that our Bio-electric therapy may not be appropriate for all individuals or all conditions. A consultation is required to determine whether it is an appropriate treatment option for your individual needs.

Common Questions Regarding our Bio-electric Treatments

Am I a good candidate for Bio-electric therapy?

Bio-electric therapy is safe for almost everyone. To determine if you are a good candidate for any of our treatments we can help you setup a consultation and our expert practitioner will be able to determine the best treatment program to help you restore your health.  

Does your Bio-electric therapy hurt? 

No. This therapy is painless. 

Is Bio-electric safe? 

Yes! All of our therapies are carefully chosen for their effectiveness and safety. Our practitioner will determine if Bio-therapy is right for you.

Is this the same as a TENS?

No. While TENS use electrical currents those are in the order of MiliAmps (1000 times more than our Bio-electric therapy). TENS are in no way similar in function, design or clinical effect. Our Bio-electric therapy delivers sub-sensory micro-amperage current, which has been shown in published studies to increase ATP production in tissues.

No two patients are the same. We will formulate a comprehensive treatment program based on your individual goals and situation. We aim to help you get fast relief from your symptoms and also address the root cause so that there is lasting relief. Give us a call to setup your consultation and start your journey back to health! 


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